How do I organise a pop up cake shop?

In brief you need a table / stall, cakes to sell and a cash float on the day – bags too if you can get hold of some [note: official regulations vary but we’ve never had certificates and always been OK!]. Once you have made your decision to run  a shop please let me know so your details can be added to site, you’ll find offers of help for that specific area start to flood in.


Finding a location?

With some research you should be able to find a location for free in your local area, we can assist with this using social media and our contacts. You should not be paying anymore than a token amount for a location (say £20 for sake of argument).  So far shops are taking place in cake shops, food trucks and a farmers market to name a few.


How long does it need to be open?

This is being decided on a regional organiser level, most are open just for one day.


When does the shop need to open?

Most of the cake shops are taking place over the first weekend in August but they can be held at any time after this date.


What are the rules?

The beauty of this concept is simplicity and there is only one very firm rule – everything sold in the shops must be grey coloured. Without this it is just another pop up cake shop and can not be included as part of the project.


What support will I have?

Whatever you need, the Facebook group is a great place to start and discuss with others what to bake. You can also contact Emma at anytime (emma@misscakehead.com)


What charity is the money going to?

As this is an awareness campaign (not fundraising) each local group is donating the money to a charity which means something for them.


How do I donate grey cakes for my local shop?

Lead contacts for each shop are shared on the location page.


What can I bake?

Anything you wish – bakers are sharing ideas and recipies in the Facebook page which is a good place to start for inspiration. Our experience tells us however that smaller cakes sell a lot better than larger ones.


Can I get back costs for my cakes?

Again this is being decided on a regional level but so far no one has requested this. As a token of thanks everyone involved in the UK cake shops will be entered into a draw to win a (very kindly donated) grey KitchenAid.


How can I tell people about my shop?

There are some flyers and a draft press release for you to adapt which can be found on the Facebook page. We also have an image drop box for media, and those who wish to blog about the project. All shops will be mentioned when we start the intensive PR campaign nearer the time.

I am sure I have missed some things – comment below and I will reply ASAP!!!






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