The Most Depressing Place On Earth

Big news – the follow up and sibling to The Depressed Cake Shop is coming… here’s what you need to know… we’re actively in the research stage now and with both projects set to go live in Spring… you can see our inspirational Pinterest board

‘Cafe Gloomy’ and ‘The Most Depressing Place On Earth’ are join The Depressed Cake Shop in an innovative food movement founded by PR creative director Miss Cakehead aka Emma Thomas. She has form of creating experiences which become global talking points with projects such as Wesker & Son, the world famous human butchery PR stunt to promote Resident Evil 6, also under her belt. The Depressed Cake Shop was founded three years, a unique series of pop up cake shops selling only grey cakes in a bit to raise awareness of mental health issues in an innovative way. It worked with hundreds of millions reading about the purpose of the campaign in the subsequent media coverage, raising awareness of mental health issues to a huge global audience. The Depressed Cake Shop was particularly effective in countries such as India, Pakistan and Malaysia where verbalisation of mental health issues is still considered taboo by many.

2017 sees the arrival of Depressed Cake Shop siblings ‘Cafe Gloomy’ and ‘The Most Depressing Place on Earth’. Both projects conceived as a platform to raise awareness of mental health issues through specifically creating a story set to go viral in the media, ensuring grey trends as the colour of 2017. Unique for charity projects these have been specifically developed to generate media coverage, meaning sponsors can be offered higher than average returns for a charity project in terms of media coverage

‘The Most Depressing Place on Earth; is a ten course tasting menu created with some of the UK’s top young up coming chefs. For the first time ever in the world each and every course of a tasting menu will have a colour palette of grey and ‘miserable’ coloured foods. The focus being on the essential role food can play in managing mental health conditions, it is ok not to be ok.

Following this a ‘Cafe Gloomy’ pop up will launch in London and Sydney Australia (the latter as part of The Big Anxiety) – a closer sibling to the Depressed Cake Shop the prop will provide template and create a tool kit which will allow people around the world to create their own all grey cafes. and in turn raise awareness of mental health charities and money for the charities which support them. Everything from the charcoal lattes to black sesame cheesecake will have a unique ‘Cafe Gloomy’ angle and be grey in colour.

Interested in supporting to taking part in or supporting the projects then drop me a line –



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