ASDA – A Festive Food Lodge

Another great project – this time for Freud PR.

Taste of London 2015

Asda Extra Special Lodge


  • Magical creation took food artist Miss Cakehead and Helix 3D 84 hours to create
  • 1,200 mince pies, 30 lobsters, 75kg of parmesan, 30kg of maple smoked salmon and 3,000 sprouts, all from Asda, used to create edible Christmas house

THE UK’s first savoury and sweet edible Christmas house, big enough for a family to sit inside, was today unveiled by Asda. The house was constructed with all of the supermarket’s Christmas food and drink products that are set to grace dinner tables this festive season, including 1,200 mince pies, 30 lobsters, 75kg parmesan 30kg maple smoked salmon and 3,000 sprouts. The larger than life creation took renowned food artist Miss Cakehead and her team of ten 84 solid hours to build.

The masterpiece sits at 3.5m tall and 2m x 2m wide and is currently in place at Taste of London: The Festive Edition, the UK’s biggest foodie festival. As well as a garden patch lovingly created from cabbage and broccoli, never before seen lobster flowers decorating the outside, a sausage roll wreath hanging above the door, and clouds floating magically above created from award-winning Black Forest Alaskan Bombe desserts, there is also a Prosecco wishing well sitting in the middle of the incredible installation.

Miss Cakehead is famous for creating stunts, experiences and campaigns solely out of food, and has worked with Asda’s Extra Special Christmas range to create her latest show-stopping edible design. She comments: “The Christmas House has been so much fun to build and really encapsulates everything that’s involved in making the festive season extra special. It’s the first time this has ever been done using savoury products as well as sweet, and I think visitors will be taken by surprise when they see things like a roof made out of smoked salmon and dill and garden flowers made out of lobsters. Not to mention all of the sprouts!”

Taste of London 2015

Asda Extra Special Lodge

Taste of London 2015

Asda Extra Special Lodge

Asda is the supermarket sponsor of Taste of London: The Festive Edition and will be feeding 30,000 people over the four-day food and drink extravaganza which runs until Sunday 22nd November 2015.

Visitors will enjoy a jam-packed schedule from the supermarket, all of which will take place inside the Extra Special Festive Lodge. Delicious delights from Asda’s Extra Special range will be cooked up by head innovation chef Mark Richmond, plus an array of celebrity guest faces including Scott Hallsworth, Alfred Prasad and Neil Rankin.

 Mark Richmond, Asda’s Head Innovation chef adds: “We’re extremely proud of our Extra Special Christmas range this year and what better way to show it off than in a giant edible house. Visitors will be able to see all we have to offer in one creative space, from the Prosecco to pop on Christmas morning, to the show-stopping desserts to put on the dinner table.”

Asda is committed to reducing wastage throughout its supply chain and has ensured that the edible Christmas House is made up entirely of test produce provided by suppliers as well as ingredients that are at sell-by date. Any food which is edible after the show will be donated to FareShare with whom Asda has a long-standing relationship.

The full list of products used for the edible masterpiece is:

  • 200 Extra Special Apple and Cider pork pies for the walls and door knob
  • 1,000 potatoes for the walls
  • 3,000 sprouts for the walls
  • 150 blocks of Extra Special Parmesan cheese to act as the cement
  • 10 Serrano ham legs for a picket fence
  • 75 Extra Special Black Forest Alaskan Bombes to float as clouds above the house
  • 35kg Extra Special Maple Smoked Salmon for the roof
  • 30 whole lobsters to create flowers in the garden
  • 1,200 Extra Special Mince Pies for decoration
  • 6 sausage roll wreaths for decoration
  • 1,200 Extra Special Christmas cookies for decoration
  • 160 candy canes for decoration
  • 450 Extra Special Palmier tree and star biscuits for decoration
  • 150 Extra Special chocolate pannetone for the chimney
  • 1,350 gold chocolate coins for the chimney
  • 1,000 carrots for the smoke coming out of the chimney
  • 3 Extra Special Chocolate Bauble Cakes for the tip of the house
  • 100 bottles of Extra Special Prosecco for the wishing well
  • 150 florets of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower for the garden
  • 20kg icing sugar for an extra special dusting

A selection of beetroot, parsnips, kale, onions, yellow peppers, parsnips, dill and flat leaf parsley will also be used for decoration.

Taste of London 2015

Asda Extra Special Lodge


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