Unicorn Foals


So I’ve been meaning to start blogging again (I quit my last blog – Cakehead Loves Evil – after reaching my target of 3 million views) – but it’s these incredible taxidermy unicorn foals which have finally tipped the balance and set me off again. My site will now serve as both a place to showcase my work and to feature posts which will serve as creative inspiration to others which of course brings me back to the unicorn foals…

SovaeArt – found on DeviatArt and Etsy – does an amazing range of taxidermy and felted unicorns (sadly not life sized) which I simply can not stop staring at. Particularly taken with the foals due to their Bambi like legs and their out of control fetlocks and mane. I also find them kind of creepy like all the best things in life! The artist – also know as R. Wake – appears to currently be on extended maternity leave and I can only imagine – and be very jealous of – what wonderful creatures adorn her children’s bedrooms.

baby_unicorn_head_ii_by_sovaeart-d8gvgxp baby_unicorn_by_sovaeart-d8dngtk baby_unicorn_head_by_sovaeart-d8gvgn9 ooak_unicorn_foal_by_sovaeart-d83r0caIf you like these then you also most certainly desire this life size realistic unicorn head for the flawless Rockett St George as much as I do:

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 00.05.49


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