Fry Hard – Photography With A Vengeance

diehardI really miss blogging (I gave up my blog when I hit my target of 4,500,000 views) so I thought I would share all the amazing images Travis Hodges took for Fry Hard a month or so ago here instead. When working up the creative for the shoot I knew wanted to make sure the Die Hard link came across (see iconic scene from the movie above as reference) but not too strongly as I wanted this event to appeal to everyone, not just fans of the movie.

Fry Hard A1_RGB

As you can see below we decided to create one of the most iconic shots from the movie but with an Easter twist and the results speak for themselves – Travis (& Jim!!!) nailed it. Voila images which would run no danger of alienating people who had not seen the movie, whilst those who had would instantly get the reference.


 20150204_FryHard_2677 20150204_FryHard_2665 20150204_FryHard_2649 20150204_FryHard_2647 20150204_FryHard_2644 20150204_FryHard_2632 20150204_FryHard_2626

The press response to date has been phenomenal with print pieces also confirmed for next week. By way of background we are doing Fry Hard as an experiential creds pack to raise our profile again after a brief rest at the start of the year. What better way to show clients (we work with both brands and agencies) what we can do for them by doing it for ourselves – it’s also so much fun!!!

To find out more about Fry Hard head to the Facebook event page here.

Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!


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