I Am Bread – Set Creation For Bossa Studios

surgeon-simulator-developer-announces-i-am-bread_9f39.1920Following on from our Surgeon Sim project last year I was delighted to be asked by Bossa Studios to work with them again, this time recreating scenes from the game’ I Am Bread’ at the Rezzed exhibition, essentially creating a very unique set / stand in which attending gamers could try the game.

Set in the late 1980’s it was great fun taking many many hours sourcing props for the set which included original 1980’s vinyl, magazines, furniture and props. All of which was then dressed in with branded props such as wine bottles and a empty beer cans. Animated looking slices of bread – who looked to be in the middle of reaping havoc on the room – were also added. Final touches included a touch of bachelor grime courtesy of the clean dirt ‘Dirty Down’, fresh food and many screwed up (clean!!!!) tissues around the sofa.

Check out the #breezed on Twitter to see some of the reactions to the set, and @iambreadgame for more images.

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