Surgical Dining for Surgeon Sim


After a manic three days I am delighted to say the Surgeon Sim Dining Experience from London Mess & I was a huge success, Justin Ramsden providing epic levels of design and project management . The event was commissioned by Bossa Studios to launch Surgeon Simulator on iPhone and saw five courses served in a replica operating theatre around the real life body of patient Bob (played by Andy Naylor).


I had to chose my favourite dish from the menu it would have to be the ‘Man Miso’ which saw chef James Thomlinson of London Mess create a dish of smoked duck, tofu, miso, seaweed, pickled mushrooms and wasabi peas, all served in surgical pulp trays. Guests were then shown how to release Miso from large surgical drips to complete the offering.


f9x1k27wnkjfA9ZB3CpUfem0Vr97DPIP7A0dW9IH9zkTwn_8dxd0kJFv5gIok8CfHCGSM5JvIUcminpbOmdo6w,3VU_ScHZVForMTrbj4hnxMKBpIswklqXuyoZ3FIW-ww,ksHFHfuPG8kyEtPoN1D9f7j20RouemIQtWTYL454V-A,F7vGT0G6eIhOBvXSThQHFUJ4sR7n4IAzypSYdtL3Vjc U_doRH3uzIMNidY9ja9w_MXctvkzuTXyfs4So0Ia5Do,U754ptPbE9iVFXGXlnaeFH__z_sltxb-6EghZ6_m5YY,EBBRc2pPeDyEMi-6ZTbIrNB0mwkQfUwBeSb-zUJN8kg,lbBxg8646kRRy849p_XsLw4a82aJajCb1NEH6Dv1tlE Before & after Miso shots of the first course

You can read more about the event here and scroll down for all the images of the event. To see all the reactions to this unique experience check out #SurgeonDinner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Short and sweet let the pictures do the talking!!!


A chocolate brain piñata by The Tattooed Bakers was served for dessert, guests given hammers to crack it open…


Guests were shown how to play the game during the meal


Any guests coming to the event were required to scrub up for surgery before they entered the ‘operating theatre’


The main course was served under a meat replica of a human ribcage (whilst Bob screamed and screamed and screamed).


Cracking open a chocolate piñata brain from The Tattooed Bakers for dessert


You can’t be too careful – we were fully equipped for all emergency requirements


Sweeties were placed in empty pill bottles


Drinks were served in urine containers… as you do!


Bob isn’t the healthiest look person I have ever seen!!!


Whilst Bob screamed in agony guests took pictures the heartless bastards


Roasted bone marrow


Chef Thomlinson AKA Nigel the Surgeon checking on his patient (& pork dish!)


Chocolate brain piñata from The Tattooed Bakers


Edible iPhones were hidden in some of the food dishes to highlight the key iPhone message


A mixture of purees (beetroot, cauliflower, carrot) were served in syringes as an accompaniment to the offal course


Knives and forks were banned – guests were required to eat their meal using a range of the surgical tools provided


The devil is in the detail… bottles of pills were scattered around the location containing a mixture of sweets


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