Human Flesh Burgers – Campaign Image Highlights

Just a quick post to share some image highlights from human flesh burger campaign we created to promote Series 5 of The Walking Dead on Fox, which premiers on the 13th October. We worked with chef  Jim Thomlinson of London Mess in doing so, affectionately calling this a ‘Messhead’ project. The burgers have become a global sensation with incredible amounts of global coverage which continues to pour in on a daily basis… and of course it generated some epic Daily Mail reader comments on the online feature about the burgers. Forgive this short post – more soon…

Image credits Justin Ramsden @justinramsden / Chris Coulson @cwiss

10653507_1489963017923164_8853773198984526038_n 10665139_1489962991256500_3566148262248887501_n 1526934_1489962834589849_8918758105583332250_n 1454888_1489962617923204_1127625610667877364_n 10301585_1489954537924012_3780586938444919537_n 10414649_1489954437924022_7850550967344985810_n 1620363_1489954074590725_8290406995756070819_n 1530333_1489954027924063_2158824275482201082_n-1 10407317_1490521097867356_2063420920890519822_n 1959307_1489954344590698_9054943458984127862_n

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