Camp Twiglet

Design: Justin Ramsden

Just returned from The Big Feastival where we created a camp from Twiglets – Camp Twiglet – for 3 Monkeys PR. Over a million Twiglets were used in the 1000 man hours it took to create these beasts!!!

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 09.39.44

The response at the festival was amazing with Hyde & Beast even playing a secret set on the Sunday afternoon. The best thing about projects like this is that it is just brilliant when you can see the general public interacting (and loving) your installation. Worth smelling of Twiglets forever?.. …hell yes! As was seeing Camp Twiglet on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph, and hearing it talked about on Radio 4.


140831_Sunday Telegraph front page

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 09.40.13

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 Official press release follows:

Twiglets celebrate 85th birthday with edible experience

o   Created using 1.5 tonnes of Twiglets

o   Produced by food artist, Miss Cakehead

o   Installation hosted at The Big Feastival

 Iconic British snack Twiglets is celebrating its 85th anniversary – with an edible installation of three ‘Twigwams’ made from 1.5 tonnes of Twiglets, which equates to over 1 million Twiglets in total.

 Camp Twiglet will be unveiled this weekend at Jamie Oliver’s food and music festival, The Big Feastival (29th – 31st August), held on the Cotswolds farm of Blur’s Alex James.

Produced by renowned food artist, Miss Cakehead, Camp Twigwam has been created using an impressive:

o   1.5 tonnes of Twiglets

o   500 man hours

o   1.7 million individual Twiglets

Comprising three ‘Twigwams’, Camp Twiglet gives visitors a chance to undertake unique festival experiences – all surrounded by the edible structures.

Each Twigwam has its own theme that festival-goers can experience for free during the weekend, with fancy dress boxes, giant board games and festival body art. This, of course, is all in addition to an unlimited amount of Twiglets to sample during the three days of the festival.

Twiglets, produced by Jacob’s, is marking 85 years since the snack was created by J.Rondalin for Peak Frean’s in Bermondsey in 1929.

Ted Linehan, United Biscuits Savoury Director, said: “This is our first big event for Twiglets in many years, but what an event – it’s not every day that you see an entire encampment made out of one of the country’s most loved (or hated!) snacks.

 “We are very much looking forward to inviting people to come along and enjoy the Twigwams – and, of course, dig in…”

All activity from the weekend – including an exclusive acoustic set on Sunday from the band Hyde & Beast – can be followed on the @Twiglets Twitter feed, with competitions and giveaways throughout the weekend.



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