Junk Food Dessert Table – Happy Birthday London Mess!


We love a creative challenge and boy did we embrace the theme when it came to creating a junk food themed dessert table to celebrate the 30th birthday of London Mess AKA James Thomlinson (above – he only dresses like this on his birthday in case you were wondering).

mcd_thom_mat KFC_logo_KFCsogood KFCJIM

Our installation was themed around ‘the morning after’ and staged to look as if Jim had been eaten junk food in bed, the ‘table cloth’ a duvet and there was even a pillow on the table. The Tattooed Bakers created one of their infamous head cakes for Jim (based on a previous shoot with Travis Hodges) with other food artists contributing including Nevie Pie Cakes, Miss Insomnia Tulip, Caking It and Cake Revolution (thanks ladies & Rich you nailed it).


unnamed-28 unnamed-27

A few of the treats are show below, it was an epic installation. The full menu (ALL CAKE):

‘Mr Sprinkles’ Rainbow Cake, Burgers, Pizza, Salt & Pepper Squid, Singapore Noodles, Edible Cigarette Butts, Samosa, Barjis, Macaron Breakfast, Chicken Buckets, Shortbread Chips, Cocktail Sausages & Pineapples on Sticks, Pickled Onions & Cheese, Mini Pork Pies, Pigs in Blankets, 30th Birthday Cupcakes, Whisky (jelly), Half Drunk Coffee… and if that wasn’t enough a mixture of confectionary and other surprises.


half eaten burger, cookie pizza, shortbread chips


The attention to detail and theme is best seen in this video below:

With a junk food theme other touches included ‘James’ coke bottles filled with gummy cola bottles, personalised take-out branding (McThomlinsons), junk food gummy sweets, fast food balloons and even a bouquet of bacon roses.

Guests were given a mixture of take our containers to as party bags, with their names spelt wrong on the top in biro as with all the best takeaways.

unnamed-14 unnamed-9 unnamed-11 unnamed-13




Oh day of the party also involved a Happy Birthday gold leaf bacon sandwich (as you do).




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