Feeling fruity for go ahead!


Really pleased to be able to share the news of a project I have just completed for 3 Monkey’s client go ahead! Our brief was to create a fruity extravaganza on Cannon Bridge roof gardens which showcased 50 feel good moments, the installation including a live art installation from Pete Fowler, a Durian eating/smelling booth, a strawberry scented and lined red carpet, a grape walkway, a melon bowling alley, and even large scale dessert making…

You can view video footage of the event here.




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Popping bubble wrap, getting into fresh bed sheets and having a cuddle have all been named in a new list of Brits’ 50 favourite Feel Good Moments, revealed by healthier biscuit brand go ahead! as part of new consumer research. Other popular suggestions in the nationwide poll include a hug from your child, someone complimenting you on what you’re wearing, feeling sand between your toes, and smelling sea air – with the list being topped by walking in sunshine. The 50 Feel Good Moments were unveiled at a stunning, one-off, event designed by Miss Cakehead and created by go ahead! at a rooftop garden in Central London last night, where consumers could experience these feel good moments and more – with edible fruity art installations and fruity entertainment like a melon bowling alley.

Sophia Davis, one of the UK’s leading life coaches who helped compile the research with go ahead! said: “It’s been interesting to see what came out on top from the go ahead! research; a lot of what makes us feel good is often based in nature. “It’s no surprise walking in sunshine was the nation’s number one feel good feeling, as sitting outside in the sun gives us vitamin D and boosts levels of serotonin, the body’s natural happy hormone. Similarly with hugging – it instantly boosts oxytocin levels, healing feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger.”

The research and event is part of go ahead!’s new £4 million marketing campaign celebrating fruity, feel good moments with consumers, and follows the new advert launch which hit TV screens in June. Sarah Heynen, United Biscuits Sweet Biscuits Marketing Director added: “The go ahead! fruity, feel good extravaganza is part of a new campaign to build interest and delight within the Healthier Biscuit category, and celebrate the fruity, feel good moments our biscuits create. “With almost 400 go ahead! packs sold every minute and more than 1 in 5 UK households buying go ahead! biscuits, you’ll find our snacks in people’s cupboards up and down the country giving people that fruity, feel good feeling – so it’s great to see what else makes the Great British public feel good.”


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