Jura Whisky Garden Arrives in London


Very happy to say my Jura Tastival Garden arrived in London this week (read more about the project here) where it is providing a unique setting for experiential whisky tasting, and encouraging consumers to think more about the flavours they can taste in their favourite dram. It can be found at The Aeronaut in Acton until Sunday.

10447120_1443356382583828_3849097375659046009_n 10374924_1443362059249927_6996893928780034507_n 10454450_1443361745916625_9011234866750038514_n 10403183_1443359802583486_3904704368946289534_n

Whilst the Jura based activity clearly connected with whisky fans – it was at the Jura whisky festival after all – the London event was designed to appeal to those new to whisky or simply wanted to learn a little more. It worked with all tickets selling out in under an hour and many previously non-whisky drinkers taking to social media to declare they are now true converts!!!


Aimed at breaking down barriers around whisky snobbery the installation features everything from garlands of fresh apples and bananas to strings of doughnuts (which had to be eaten without hands obviously) and greenhouses filled with miniature apple pies. All of these flavours which had been identified in the Jura single malts in earlier tastings held during the garden project research stages.


As an additional touch we also worked with London Mess in creating Jura inspired canapés for the night such as Black Pudding balls with Jura Whisky Mayo, deep friend Mars Bars and Half shelled scallop with charred cauliflower and lavender froth. Chef Jim Thomlinson also created one of his ‘showtime’ desserts which ended in marshmallows being fired into the crowd and caused a feeding frenzy!

10390175_1443360545916745_7969492295408179167_n 10414544_1443362289249904_1742707859084595256_n 10363377_1443362549249878_1429846539730425493_n 10351261_1443362979249835_5115389615984203325_n-1

The opening party saw media, bloggers and invited guests explore the garden for themselves and get to try Jura in a variety of forms, including an interesting pairing with a expresso stout and ready made cocktails presented in small Jura bottles.

58611_1443359965916803_1503408838782315568_n 10406458_1443359732583493_1730316832983413104_n 10464164_1443357742583692_9050316153130469264_n

I am always asked what I love most about my projects and in this case I would say it’s how the garden’s personality was transformed as it moved from the island or Jura to a pub garden in Acton, working brilliantly in both. I also really enjoyed working with a brand such as Jura with whom my unique style of work would not sat first seem a natural fit at first, challenging these perceptions. Of course as you can see below I also LOVED the London Mess dessert… You can view all of the pictures from the night here and follow social media reactions using #juratastival.




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