Scream & Cream – Cakehead Takes A Creaming

20140411_Scream&Cream_9538-Edit-Edit (1) Just like the global success story which is The Depressed Cake Shop, Scream & Cream is a summer event from Miss Cakehead and her deviant creative collaborators put on solely because she wants to. Think an extreme cake shop mixed with a (Swiss) roller disco, throw in a popcorn battlefield, innovative chefs such as London Mess and long time extreme cake installation collaborators such as The Tattooed Bakers (remember THAT devil horse cake with neat The Kraken Rum pouring out of it’s nose) and you’ll get the idea, or not as the case may be… …just wait and see it is going to be epic!!!

As all of our concepts are so ‘out there’ imagery is incredibly important in communicating the vibe of the event, and we were utterly spoiled to work with Travis Hodges in creating this promotional photography set for Scream & Cream, incredible amounts of fun had by all behind and in front of the camera.


I thought Jim was bluffing…


…Jim wasn’t bluffing!

20140411_Scream&Cream_9827-Edit 20140411_Scream&Cream_9816 20140411_Scream&Cream_9760-Edit (1)You’ll be seeing a LOT more of these in the future but for now thanks again to everyone who helped create these, and yes I may have lost my first ever cake fight (chefs are so competitive) but I went down fighting!

Keep an eye on Twitter and the Miss Cakehead Facebook page for more news soon…

THANK YOU once again to:

Photography: Travis Hodges
Make Up: Sandra Bermingham
Location: InnBrighton, with thanks to Dan Luker
Models: Jim Thomlinson (London Mess) / Miss Cakehead
Food Styling: Kimberly Wilson & Boston Mills Bakery



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