‘The Kraken’s Lair’ – Kraken Rum Inspired Hotel Room Opens

News of my latest project – creating a The Kraken Rum inspired hotel suite…


Stay in ‘The Kraken’s Lair’ – a black tentacle clad hotel suite from The Kraken Rum opens at Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton



Think Ink’ is the theme for the reception room which is entirely black and features over 40 feet of glossy black tentacles adoring a cage style day bed. Other furnishing details include black skull lights, black light switches and electrical fittings, black vinyl floor, black skulls and even black rubber curtains. There is also the option of a hammock for guests checking in who prefer these to a landlubbers bed option. The Kraken hunting design team have also adorned the walls with black Kraken ‘skin’.

The bedroom features an 8ft round bed to ensure even the tallest Kraken hunter has a comfortable night’s sleep. A mirror over the bed adds security and ensures guests can see their enemies coming during the night. With a captain’s cabin feel the room is adorned with 6inch thick rope, fishing lantern style pendants and even a spare helmet in case of an unexpected Kraken attack. Two feature walls are adorned with Kraken Rum wallpaper known to grace only the most prestigious residences, whilst a display unit contains relics from hunting expeditions. There is also a view onto the suite’s private entrance where Kraken warning signs have been placed for the safety of any visitors to The Kraken’s Lair. As you would expect miniature 5cl bottles of The Kraken Rum are also given to those staying in the suite in lieu of the more traditional bottled water.





Bath time takes wannabe Kraken hunters back to time spent on board wooden sailing vessels. The ceilings and walls are clad with ‘aged planks’, whilst seaweed, skulls, shells, fishing net and empty Kraken venom bottles just a few of the treasures to be found. There is also a bath large enough to fit six people at once (or one Kraken hunter). With numerous tentacles provided as bath toys, and twin monsoon showerheads above the bath, it also serves as an excellent way to practice tentacle wrangling skills.

Finally there is also a ‘Kraken’s Garden by the Sea’ area opening at Easter which features burnt and battered sun loungers, a fire pit and even a full sized life guard’s chair.




The suite is a perfect match of brands with Mick Habeshaw Robinson, owner of the hotel commenting:

“As soon as we met Kraken Rum we clicked immediately, they fully support creativity, rock ‘n’ roll and the wilder side of life”

Hotel Pelirocco can be found at 10 Regency Square, Brighton, the suite costing from £249 a night including supplies of rum.


The Kraken Rum wallpaper, and anatomical Kraken lights, can be purchased from http://www.krakenrumstore.com (soon to be launched on UK shores)

Proximo Spirits UK was launched in July 2013, having established itself over the last five years in the United States. Taking inspiration from its name, which translates as ‘next’ in Spanish, Proximo Spirits UK aims to create the same success as its American counterpart, becoming the next major producer of innovative marketing and new product development within the premium spirits category in the UK. Proximo is privately owned and represents twelve premium brands including the Jose Cuervo Tequila portfolio, The Kraken Rum and Boodles Gin.

Hotel Pelirocco is Brighton’s most edgy boutique hotel; inspired by the best of pop’s subculture, maverick musicians and some of the most inspiring individuals. http://www.hotelpelirocco.co.uk


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