Ultimate Gingerdead House – The Hunting

I adore this Gingerdead House by Nevie Pie Cakes so much I was just compelled to share. She made it to help promote The Hunting, a Zombie App (the press release is below the images if you want to find out more). Seeing these I am sure it is no surprise that she s one of my favourite food artists to work with on client projects…

gingerdead house 2 gingerdead house 3 gingerdead house 4 gingerdead house 5 gingerdead house 6 gingerdead house



Parts 1 and 2 of UK horror app The Hunting – ‘the world’s scariest app’ – are out now and they’re scaring the competition off the charts.  Made for less than the cost of an iPhone, the “heart-pumping fright fest” (Daily Star) was made by a team of talented independent filmmakers, and is taking on the big-budget games in the charts, reaching the Top 3 in the UK Entertainment chart.

The Hunting is the world’s first fully interactive horror movie, shot on location in England with a talented British cast and crew, there is absolutely no CGI, everything is REAL, making the experience all the more terrifying!  An intense first-person movie with a bone-chilling soundtrack, YOU are the main character, YOU make the decisions, and YOU live or die based on your actions.

Part 1 is free and features the first 13 minutes of the film.  Part 2 has over 40 minutes of footage, IF you make it to the end.

From award-winning director Allan Plenderleith and multi-million downloaded app developer Jason Stewart. Released on the iPhone app store by UK indie developer Wotsamaflip Studios Ltd.

For best results play alone, in the dark with headphones.  Oh, and try to remain calm.



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