The Ink Den – Experiential Kraken Rum Drinking At The Aeronaut

Another client project just gone live and I highly recommend you head down to The Aeronaut and check it out for yourself! In addition to styling and curating the space – working alongside Beetle & Wilde – I also looked after the PR for both The Ink Den, and The Aeronaut launch in general working closely with their inhouse team.

The Kraken Rum creates a Kraken hunting ‘museum’ and experiential drinking den for InnBrighton’s latest offering


The Kraken Rum have created an experiential drinking environment entitled ‘The Ink Den’, a feature at InnBrighton’s Aeronaut pub.


The ‘Ink Den’ is designed to build intrigue around the brand, the installation allowing guests to explore the mythology of the Kraken, the concept of Kraken Hunting and of course find out more about the The Kraken Rum. The artefacts on show have come from the creatively imagined private collections of the Samuel Weston and Margaret Deal Weston, active Kraken Hunters during the 1850’s. They are the only husband and wife hunting team to have ever been admitted to The Black Ink Society, a secret Kraken hunting society still shrouded in mystery today.

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The portraits of the Weston’s feature proudly in the space alongside books on sea beast mythology, Kraken hunting weapons and even scientific instruments used in the study of Kraken hunting today. Further attention to detail is shown in the exterior of space in the form of anchors, antique ship brass lanterns and even animal skulls believed to have been discovered in the stomach of a juvenile Kraken. The heating space also features Kraken branded wooden tables and chairs and can seat up to 20.


The incumbent Kraken Hunter will oversee ‘The Ink Den’ at the opening of the Aeronaut providing opportunities to sample The Kraken rum, whilst further entertainment will come in the form of Mr Deceptionist and unique Kraken ‘snacks’.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 20.41.23

As the name suggests the Aeronaut – home of The Ink Den – pays tribute to all early pioneers of powered and unpowered flight, recreating some of the awe and wonder they inspired through the airborne feats performed by the pub’s own acrobats. Part of the venue has been transformed into a stunning circus and cabaret performance space to accommodate this, a design aesthetic that also extends to the outside space where a series of unique fairground ‘booths’ can be found. These offer guests innovative and exciting al fresco seating options, the largest of these is named The Ink Den and created by The Kraken Rum.


Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 20.37.38hRLG2kv8sCw7Kd9vdQYQrLKzsXqQnbk9JovFPDBHPzU

The Aeronaut at 264 High Street
Acton W3 9BH

#releasethekraken / @thekrakenrum_uk /

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