Bye Bye Baketopia

So every last crumb of the edible lanscape (read more here) we created for National Baking Week (for Kaper PR) has been eaten and I feel quite sad. It was such great fun returning to my Cake Britain concept from 2010 (an edible art gallery for Tate & Lyle), essentially creating something beautiful and watching the public eat it. As always I come away from the project with no doubt I work with some of the best food artists in the world… and have the best job in the world!

AN29898833Mandatory-Credit- AN29898781Mandatory-Credit- AN29898815Mandatory-Credit- AN29934360Baketopia-a-Wonka AN29934358Baketopia-a-Wonka AN29934362Baketopia-a-Wonka 1390673_660041834019729_1071094114_n 1380324_660041630686416_1102957274_n 1380045_660042054019707_1232161580_n 1378282_660041654019747_1729443183_n 1382088_660041934019719_1149557986_n

Crucially the press loved it too and I will be sharing¬†coverage on this Tumblr, where we feature highlights of the media coverage all our projects generate. For now a few top picks below…


tumblr_muda0rqcQR1r2p0sjo1_500-1 tumblr_muege0fO1Z1r2p0sjo1_1280 tumblr_muiv6uH7cp1r2p0sjo1_500

Thank you to everyone who came, queued so paitently and ate so much!!!



Onwards we go to The Edible Autopsy and Feed The Beast for Kraken Rum (Proximo Spirits) and macabre Halloween joy…

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