Cloudy with a chance of Ice-Scream!

I am so excited to be able to finally talk about this stunt for Thorpe Park – it’s going to be SNOWING ice cream!




 This Summer THORPE PARK, is celebrating the unpredictable British climate with some very weird weather activity – edible ice cream showers. Over its Ice-Scream Weekend on Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27 it will literally snow delicious strawberry and vanilla ice cream and visitors can lap up as much as they want.

 A Miss Cakehead concept, working with ice cream scientists from Creighton’s, and fake snow specialists Snow Business, the Nation’s Thrill Capital will be serving up the world’s first edible ice cream snow which will rain down from the heavens at regular intervals.

Colour snowman

“The bonkers weather has been one of the biggest news stories of the year switching from the soggiest June in a hundred years to one of the hottest Wimbledon Final days,” commented Divisional Director Mike Vallis.  “We decided we’d mix it up even further by making it snow in summer – but not just any snow, edible ice cream snow! If we can’t change our changeable weather we thought we may as well embrace it and give our guests a unique, totally off the wall experience.  Some serious science has gone into developing this crazy world first culinary treat and we can’t wait to make it snow!”

Showers will be localised a stone’s throw away from the awesome 0-80 mph Stealth and guests will be alerted to an imminent flurry courtesy of a distinctive ice cream van jingle broadcast across the Park. In contrast to the rollercoaster’s rapid fire speed, gentle snow will descend slowly as guests grab a spoon or take shelter under giant waffle umbrellas.

For further information or to book ahead visit

For further information please contact Claudia on / 020 7402 9966 or / 01932 577131

Oh and in case you were wondering of course I was inspired by this lovely film (Cloudly With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 is out soon too) – maybe I should create the terrifying fire and melting cheese hell from the first movie, or maybe just a ‘Tacodile”!


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