Anatomical Cocktails

A set of six stomach churning anatomical cocktails were developed in conjunction with James Dance of Loading to promote Eat Your Heart Out 2012 – purposefully shocking in concept but also delicious to create the perfect juxtapose. Taking a fresh look at concept cocktails to generate cut through media coverage.


Stomach Contents – James based this on the stomach contents of an teenager who has attemped an overdose and needed to have their stomach pumped. The cocktail featured partly digested chocolate, pill casings and even Midori for a touch of green ‘bile’


Fat – the set white chocolate on the top of this cocktail replicated layers of fat


Sanitiser – a cleansing cocktail served in an old sanitiser bottle


Charred Remains (a concept from James which made me really nervous) – the ingredients included tomato juice for the thick red ‘blood’ appearence and cripsy bacon for the burning of flesh effect

These last two cocktails are pretty self explanatory – the stool sample had touches of framboise to indicate blood in the stool, and of course the all time classic urine sample shooter




These anatomically cocktails went globally viral, oh and in case you were wondering the top seller was the urine sample shooter

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 22.47.10

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 22.48.04


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