Soapy Creative Inspiration

Having got over 5 million views on my old (self started – Cakehead Loves Evil) blog (& 35 million on I stopped blogging but you know what I really really miss it, it was a great time and I even met some great friends will will always remain in my life. Anyway I wanted to start again on a smaller scale, sharing things I love, find inspirational or simply which I feel deserve sharing. Yes at times this will be my work, and those of my friends and creative networks, but it will be mainly provided a broad round up of ‘edgy’ creative inspiration which I hope you enjoy.

For a fresh clean blogging start it seemed right to kick things off with this round up of soap art, the finest example I had seen previously were the ‘Gay Bar’ soaps sold in Maiden and inspired by the Eclectric 6 song of the same name.  You can listen to that here if you dare!


2 soap8 ??????????????????????????????? soap3 incredible-soap-art-26 img07_big dsc01119 £££+Soap+art+by+Aubrey+Stephens

Looking at this soap art reminded me of this amazing sculpture / ad campaign from the British beauty products company Soap & Glory. Named ‘Die Badende’, the 13-foot high, 67-foot long sculpture was installed in a German as a oversized thank you to the Germans for their overwhelming support of the company (according to their press release). Either way they scored international press coverage and some incredile imagery.




<> on August 3, 2011 in Hamburg, Germany.


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