Happy Birthday Heathrow Express! – A Train Made Entirely From Cake

We’ve been working on a project for Mischief PR – and their client Heathrow Express – for a few months now and at least we can share images of this mammoth cake task – a train made entirely of cake, which has arrived at London’s Paddington station. It even had it’s own birds of prey guards to protect the cake from any cake loving pigeons!!!

Cake Express

copyright Nathan Pask

A dedicated team of 15 specialist bakers and food artists from Eat your Heart Out were tasked with creating an edible train, providing a sweet treat for passengers on their way to and from Heathrow. The cake celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Heathrow Express – the fastest way to travel to Heathrow.

Cake Express

copyright Nathan Pask

The team consisted of Nevie Pie Cakes, Sarah Hardy, Cake for Breakfast, Tattooed Bakers and Helix 3D.

The enormous cake – measuring a huge 1.5 x 4 x 2m –  took the team over 30 hours to build and install on the platform using a toolkit which included industrial cake mixers, copper moulds, blowtorches and spirit levels, and will remain there until the end of the day on Monday 24 June. Heathrow Express customers will be offered the chance to sample it as they pass through Paddington.

Cake Express

Copyright Nathan Pask

In additional we were asked to make some mini train cakes to be sent to press along with information on the task which Caking It took on and created some wonderful small trains. Huge thanks also needs to go to Molly Bakes for creating birthday cakes for consumers and Heathrow Express staff to sample.


Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 20.19.52


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