Horrifying High Tea

See these cakes featured on the Johnathan Ross show (from 01:20):

Another project another happy client – in this case Koch Media – for whom I created a small scale experiential pop up for The Helpers movie release. It generated a whole page of coverage in The Independent on the trend for gore cakes, extensive online coverage on some of the most influential blogs in the world, it’s own feature on This Morning (a awesome feat for a 18+ horror movie if even I say so myself) and there is more to come. All of which was branded coverage.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 12.09.31

We also managed to REALLY upset a Daily Mail Online reader and I have to get a t-shirt with one of the best comments I have ever had on my work (I need to get a t shirt with it on). Brilliantly comments on the same piece also question the Daily Mail’s decision to pixelate a marzipan nipple!

Why do that, like why? Someone with a disturbing sick fantasy inflicting this sick fantasy onto other people but in a lighter form of cakes… Making something disgusting into something which is supposed to be nice. Seems completely bizarre and twisted to me… The world is full of weirdos.

Massive credit going to our Koch Media client Georgie Rennie for being so brave – yes we had a woman tied up in a dungeon screaming for help through a trap door but it worked in context as we were launching a horror film – and of course huge thanks to Original Content London for creating such an amazing grotty set.


All the food art in the pop up reflected aspects of the movie for ultimate edible subtle branding and as ever it was the food artists who were the real stars of the show and without whom none of this would be possible:

This decapitated head ties into a key scene of the movie and was made by Sarah Hardy – a truly incredible piece of food art

184440_328581633916860_222534279_n 734759_328581537250203_323107970_n-1 45950_328581503916873_1587579962_n 530794_328581453916878_388960357_n 734759_328581537250203_323107970_n

Amongst the contributions from Nevie Pie Cakes were these amazing gingerbread car batteries and cakes resembling Chinese take out

406062_328581857250171_2109520638_n 394787_328582560583434_677008140_n

Cake for Breakfast also made a range of chocolate weapons which were incredibly realistic (to the extent we could not use the gun)



Other contributions came from Conjurer’s Kitchen, Sarah King, Miss Insomnia Tulip and James Dance – you can see all of the images for the event and their work here. 

Oh and if you are potential client reading this but can I say I do love pretty projects too!!!! I REALLY like them.


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