Cake Christmas Dinner


Turkey cake, truffle sprouts, and cake ball roast potatoes


Whilst this project is a EYHO one and therefore a ‘hobby’ I wanted to share on here as it shows the extent to which cake (and of course any type of food) can be maximised for almost any event, and therefore PR stunt. In this instance a Feast for the Sciences event at Imperial College London commissioned EYHO to make a Christmas Dinner entirely out of cake. I think it looks amazing and the cake makers, as always, really excelled themselves. The white chocolate candles have become my new obsession – they can burn AND you can eat them as they are 100% chocolate (I know amazing). The project totally drew people into learning about digestion so it was also a success on an engagement level. Obviously in a perfect world the table, table cloth, plates, glasses, paper hats, cutlery and so on would have been edible but time and budget restraints limited that approach.




Red wine can be easily created using jelly set in glasses


Incredible attention to detail on the pigs in blanket and also the melting butter on the peas (which was different on each plate)


A few peas were drowned in the gravy (chocolate caramel sauce) as with any Christmas Dinner


More detail of the incredible turkey skin and roast potatoes








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