Asylum Press Pack – Edible Rosary Beads

I was approached by Fox (for FX) to create some cupcakes to send out with the press release for the new series of American Horror Asylum. Always wanting to do things as creatively as possible I said “oh no you can do much better than cupcakes, everyone does that now”, sent them over some more creative ideas and the rest is history…

In total I was commissioned to create a total of 50 press packs for the show inspired by the image above. Being slightly dark I had millions of ideas and had to do a lot of self editing. The final contents included the following: time and date of the first TX written in blood (fake this time unlike the human blood used for Resident Evil 6), edible ‘glass’, a healthy scattering of holy communion wafers and edible rosary beads. It was all presented in a box which was sealed with a mixture of fake barbed wire and bandages. I also wanted to include a bible handbook but the post office lost the parcel and there was no time to replace. Nevertheless it was a strong press pack which spiked interest and engaged the media.

I loved doing this project and my client at Fox was a delight to work for. It may have been a dark press pack but but after the human flesh mail out for Resident Evil (blog post coming soon) anything would have been light relief. It’s also remarkable how easily I can replicate the hand writing of a maniac drawing in blood – a bit OCD with the details I searched online to find hand writing examples of patients who have been sectioned in asylum’s for life and copied those.


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