Eat Your Heart Out 2012

Every year we try to put on a rather strange event – our version of a Christmas party if you will. For 2012 we have decided to bring back Eat Your Heart Out and educate people about pathology at the same time… Here’s the press release.

Eat Your Heart Out: This Time It’s Anatomical

‘Riddled’ a five tier wedding cake featuring the painted cell structures of STD’s, cupcakes iced in the style of various skin diseases, unique anatomical macarons, fungus infected toenail cookies, a small pox inspired tray bake, a cake taking the form of a Victorian style anatomical wax head complete with exposed brain, petri dish vodka jelly and cocktails based on the stomach contents of a suicide victim are just some of the ‘tasty’ treats already confirmed for Miss Cakehead’s Eat Your Heart Out taking place at the St Bart’s Pathology Museum in London from the 26th – 28th October 2012.   

The world’s first 18+ cake shop, Eat Your Heart Out, repulsed the world back in 2010 with its human centipede cookies, squeezable puss cupcakes and vagina dentata sponges. Now the over-18s emporium of sweet iniquity is back for Halloween 2012 and is set to be bigger and more gruesome than before. It also has a new home, St Bart’s Pathology Museum in London, home to over 5000 anatomical specimens, the anatomical theme drawing inspiration from this space. Alongside Miss Cakehead the museum’s, Carla Valentine, will be curating the cakes on sale drawing on her years of experience working in morgues, preserving anatomical human specimens and running the Shoreditch based Clandestine Cake Club to help deliver the world’s most unique cake club.

Spanning over 3 days from 26-28th October the cake shop will sell ONLY 100% anatomically or scientifically correct educational treats in a nod to it’s location. The treats created by a collective of medical professionals, artists and artisan bakers, with submissions to the event open until the end of September via the events Facebook page.

The space will also play host to free lectures and lessons so keen bakers can create their own anatomical edible treats in time for the 31st October. These include Natasha Collins of Nevie Pie Cakes who will be teaching a class how to create their own anatomical blackened lung with accompanying cigarette butt cookies and edible ash.

For the first time in Eat Your Heart Out history there will also be drinks available for those in need of something to stiffen their nerves before browsing the treats on offer. Created by James Dance of Loading, a Falmouth based internet café and games arcade, the concotions on offer will include;

‘Stomach Contents’ (shown above) a Tokyo Iced Tea but with flavoured vodka hasn’t been skimmed ensuring it will contain the perfect teenage diet of chocolate pieces and skittles, finished with empty pill casings. A shot of absinthe on the top will be reflective of the green hue of stomach bile.

The delicious ‘Stool Sample’ is served from a plastic bag and made from a delicious mixture of Kahlua, Baileys, vanilla vodka and a chunk of chocolate fudge ice cream finished with a dash of strawberry sauce.

Finally ‘Fat’ will consist of Hazelnut syrup topped up with thick vanilla milkshake, caramel rum, Kahlua and topped with solid fat aka white   chocolate.

Eat Your Heart Out was created in 2010 to encourage creativity in cake making – sourcing up and coming cake makers from around the UK who include both hobby bakers and those who make their living from baking. Founded by freelance PR creative Miss Cakehead, it also operates as a creative cake & food agency creating edible stage costumes, dessert tables and much more.

To find out more about the event please visit:

Follow @misss_cakehead on Twitter.

– ends –

For more information please contact Emma Thomas / 07795 951503

Product samples available from 01 October 2012

Publication exclusive recipes can be provided on request.

St Bart’s Pathology Museum

Opened in 1879 by The Prince of Wales, the Pathology Museum is a vast space made up of 3 mezzanine levels each around 8 metres high, all linked by a beautiful spiral staircase. It contains some 5000 anatomical specimens, including Forensic and Historical examples, as well as corresponding archive information. Housed within the grounds of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital at West Smithfield.


 High resolution imagery of featured cakes is available on request.

Editorial imagery for the event will be available from 02 October 2012. 2010 imagery, which you are welcome to use with immediate effect, can be accessed here. Nathan Pask 2010 credit required.

Concept credits for referenced cakes

“Riddled” – Two Little Cats Bakery

Skin Disease Cupcakes – Dead Bright

Anatomical macarons & small pox tray bake – Miss Insomnia Tulip

Fungus infected toe nails – Nevie Pie Cakes

Anatomical wax head &  petri dish jelly – Conjurer’s Kitchen

All cocktails from James Dance of Loading

Dead Face Cupcakes – Buttercream Bakery


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