Did someone say a butcher’s shop?

Many thanks to Field Marketing & Brand Experience who shared the news of our Resident Evil 6 pitch win. It is so exciting to be working with such an amazing team in both Full Fat, and the individuals Stay Puft have brought on board. I can’t wait until we can start sharing details of this project with you all… Bring on October 3rd!

Resident Evil 6 readies for Miss Cakehead’s butcher’s shop and morgue experience

Capcom Entertainment, one of the world’s leading video game publishers, has appointed freelance creative Miss Cakehead in partnership with boutique PR consultancy Full Fat to deliver the consumer campaign surrounding the release of the sixth installment of the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise.

Released on 2nd October 2012, Resident Evil 6 is one of the publisher’s highest profile game releases during the all-important Christmas sales period.

Full Fat and Miss Cakehead have joined forces to answer a brief that invited consultancies to explore the games core themes but to avoid the cliched zombie approach. With Full Fat overseeing all aspects of the PR narrative and Miss Cakehead providing the creative flair behind the experiential activity, the partnership will herald a new era in collaborative campaigning.

As well as executing the consumer-facing PR campaign for Resident Evil 6, Full Fat will also be responsible for managing the campaign press office, handling all proactive and reactive media enquiries and generating all review coverage in mainstream media targets.

Full Fat’s Sean Harwood told Fieldmarketing.com that planned experiential for the game was being kept under wraps but hinted that it “will involve murders, a morgue and a butcher’s shop.”

Miss Cakehead, aka Emma Thomas added: “If comments are not passed on how f*cked up this activity is I shall be deeply disappointed.”


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