‘Judge Cakehead’

Having worked with We Are Social behind the scenes on this many moons ago it is really exciting to have been chosen as a judge for the next stage of their excellent Marmarati campaign which is now live. I shall be judging the craft challenge along with Jacqui Pearce founder of the wonderful Pearl & Earl

It’s hard (I say impossible) to rival the writing skills of those who hold the highest positions of honour in the Marmarati so in their own words:

Miss Cakehead is better known outside of the Marmarati for her work as a creative expert which led The Independent Newspaper to remark that she held “evil genius”, a skill we shall call on if the Marmarati is ever threatened with attack. You can see a collection of her finest Cake projects at Cakehead Loves, and if you have a strong constitution and a penchant for the dark side then a collection of her more controversial works can be found at Eat Your Heart Out, a site probably left well alone before bedtime for fear of Cake-fuelled nightmares. Our most favourite fact of all to share is that her feline companion, Fish, is also in the Marmarati. Every secret society needs a cat.

Wonderful Nathan Pask, who takes the photography for all my projects, is also in the Marmarati and has created the gif below as one of his example entries which has given me nightmares for the past week… enjoy!


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