There is something really special about launching a product to market and there was brilliant response to the TADO Chuppi for MATHMOS launch last week. This cool new nightlight AND vinyl art toy having a coverage clean sweep on the world’s most influential vinyl toy blogs including TOYSREVIL, Spanky Stokes, Clutter Magazine and Plastic & Plush, and was also heavily featured on design led sights such as Design We Trust and FFFFound.  Using the Chuppi launch as the hook we also set up various competitions to showcase other MATHMOS products such as this piece with Who’s Jack. Much print coverage is also set to go live in May.

Of course now it is launched we can at last share images of this cool little chap (above and below). We’ve  further commissioned TADO to hand customize a run of ten Chuppi’s which will be offered as competition prizes over the next month and on key market Facebook pages. We’ll update this post with images as soon as we have them!


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