Hotel Alcatraz

Am really happy to have worked with Hope & Glory PR on Hotel Alcatraz looking after the ‘experience’ and development / creation of the physical ‘hotel’ and prisoner / guard routines, as well as on the creative concepts for the initial pitch stage.  As it’s name suggest Hotel Alcatraz is a pop up hotel, created to launch the show on UKTV entertainment channel Watch.

Commissioning Helix 3D for the build, the stunt involved a meticulous recreation of four of the cells in America’s most famous penitentiary in London’s King Cross with four guests – sorry, prisoners – checking in – and being locked up every night for a week. Inmates were required to follow a regimented routine which included being photographed on arrival, getting kitted out in prison-style uniforms, engaging in reforming activities such as model-making (Lego) and tailoring (knitting) and eating an evening meal from metal trays and cup. See a video of the experience here.

Hotel rooms could be booked via and ‘sold out’ within 10 minutes of going on sale. Coverage was widespread and global, going viral online with footage provided via b roll, and also multimedia press agencies own footage, being widely used (see example here on Huffington Post).

The cells created by Helix are shown below (instagram images by Nathan Pask) – everything was brand new despite appearances suggesting otherwise. There is an art in aging  mattress to look really old let me tell you 😉


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