Posting Lungs

Despite the annual mountain of PR releases about a product being pink, or worse heart shaped, “especially for Valentines Day” making us loose the will to love live we wanted to have some (un) romantic fun ourselves today too. Heart and pink free of course.

We created a mail out for some of our ‘edgier’ new business possibilities with the aim of showing them we can unquestionably generate reaction, buzz and get people talking. What better way to prove we can do this than to do it for ourselves? Rationale wise we were concerned about sending something “cakey” as 90 per cent of our client work is non edible, but decided to go this route as we know edible treats of ‘questionable taste’ is something we do better than anyone else.

Our edible ashtray was a massive success at the Kerrang! Awards so working with our wonderful edible art director, Natasha Collins, we wanted to develop this further. We created a set of edible cigarette butts, blackened cancer lung cookies and a packet of edible ash which we mailed out along with a oodles of red sweets; the lungs coming in an ‘evidence’ bag with our details on. All of this was packaged up with rose petals and tissue paper for added excitement (and following disappointment) as the package was unwrapped. It was also sent anonymously, and followed up with an email late afternoon having left them to puzzle (& eat cookies if they can face it) all day.

Whilst this may seem strange (& understandably so) one of the keys to any successful campaign is for an agency adapt their clients ‘brand personality’ which was the case in this instance. A different company may have got whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles & warm woolen mittens. All wrapped up in a brown paper package tied up with string of course.

If you want high impact press packs, for any client or project, then please contact us.

UPDATE: Thank you from the bottom of our cookie crumb covered hearts to everyone who blogged & shared our mail out. We will try out hardest to send you something equally disturbing soon.

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