Such Tweet Sorrow

I worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, 4iP and Mudlark on the launch of Such Tweet Sorrow – the world’s first Twitter performance of Romeo and Juliet in real time (for Idea Generation).

Acutely aware of the need to tap into an offline audience, and similarly provide an offline news hook, I came up with the concept of a ‘Tweeting Balcony’. Installed at the Shakespeare’s Head pub on Carnaby Street it showed the play in real time for the 6 weeks of the production, and was the media location for news reports from around the world. Further branding was in the pub in the form of beer mats, with a Shakespeare themed pub quiz even held at the location for bloggers.

The results were millions of follows, coverage in every UK national newspaper with many more international news pieces, broadcast news from UK, US & China as well as a feature piece on the Channel Four news. It’s impossible to say how many millions directly saw the activity but we did gain 35,000 Twitter followers in 48 hours.





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