Eat Your Heart Out

The world’s first 18+ cake shop which was voted the top London Halloween events of 2010, with people queuing for up to an hour to enter the shop, with them traveling from as far as Somerset to buy some ‘evil cakes’. It was also probably one of the first cake shops to be opened by a Heavy Metal Band!

Eat Your Heart Out was open between the 29th – 31st October 2010, located in the ‘dungeon’ of Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street, London. It sold 666 terrifying Halloween creations each day from the UK’s best creators of cake, potions and confectionery. It provided a platform from which people can explore the darkest corners of their mind, bringing their most disturbing visions to life in delicious edible forms for Halloween.

Read more over on the Eat Your Heart Out site although please note this was a cake shop for adults and the site contains some NSFW cakes.

When presented with one of the more extreme cakes live on The One Show this concept also made Dawn French laugh. A lot.


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