If you are looking to find out more about my work then read on below, visit the news page or view / download my creds pack here.

I am a freelance creative director who creates stunts, experiences and campaigns for a wide variety of clients including Proximo Spirits, 20th Century Fox and Capcom. Best known for ‘edgy’ PR campaigns which go places others do not dare, I deliver incredible engaging experiences driving high levels of coverage and buzz as a result.


I also specialize in campaigns and projects which use food and drink in incredible ways – The Cake Hotel (Tate & Lyle / Mischief PR), a 193 Course Tasting Menu (Unearthed Foods / Wildcard PR), Baketopia (National Baking Week / Kaper PR) are just a few recent examples of my edible stunts and cake curation. I’ve even created a range of sausages which replicated the experience of consuming human flesh to promote the Sawney Bean (a famous Scottish cannibal family) attraction at the Edinburgh Dungeons.

Photography copyright A J Pilkington / Manicks Productions Ltd

Photography copyright A J Pilkington / Manicks Productions Ltd

Our 2013 campaign to launch the last series of Dexter in the UK even eclipsed the US based PR and saw Michael C Hall & Jimmy Kimmel discussing the lifesized Dexter cake on air.

“It goes beyond what Dexter himself would do”, Michael C Hall talking about my PR stunt for Fox on The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 09.39.32Despite this specialism, food and drink only used in about 50 per cent of my client work The Blood Swimming Pool (Capcom), the London Dungeon Car Boot (Merlin Entertainment / Freerange PR) and Hotel Alcataz (Watch! / Hope & Glory PR) all calorie free examples of my work.

IMG_3057I also work with PR agencies both as a creative consultant, and side by side on project execution; for example The London Dungeon Car Boot sale.

The London Dungeon


8 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi there I am wondering if you would be as kind as to share yr recipe on how to make the Vomit Cakes as shown on todays This Morning show (17th January 2013).

  2. Good morning,

    I was hoping to contact you regarding a channel 4 show we are currently in production for. Do you have a number I could contact.

    Thanks and hopefully talk soon.


  3. I’m looking forward to a black rose for Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait for you to spill the beans on the pop up destination.

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